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How can body positive art in the home improve our lives?

Most of us choose the art for our homes by choosing imagery that calls to us, suits our personal style or even what matches the colour of our rooms.

But what happens when we start to consciously curate the images of bodies that we see around us?!

Here are 5 ways I believe that body positive artwork can make life more magical…

Number One

It normalises normal bodies

I’ve never looked in the mirror and seen a photoshopped model in an ad campaign, a fitness influencer with an insta filter, or a traditional fantasy painting of an idealised elven princess. I’m guessing you haven’t either!?

Seeing pictures around me of bodies that actually look like me, every day, makes those things we’re taught are ‘flaws’ (like scars and stretch marks and saggy boobs and body hair and body fat, and wobbly tummies and cellulite and birth marks and eczema…) just seem normal.

Because they are normal! 

We’re smart, we know this, but when we don’t see examples of this around us and are endlessly bombarded with images of bodies that don’t reflect the reality for the majority of people, the negative thoughts seep in. 

Number Two

It helps us start seeing ourselves as the main character. 

Honestly, I’m so tired of being the funny chubby sidekick. When we see ourselves represented as the main character in art and media, we believe we can be the main character.

Have you ever felt you’ll ‘do that thing’ once you look a certain way? Here’s my old inner voice – “I can’t swim in the pool on holiday until I look good in a bikini, I can’t speak in public until my teeth are straight, I can’t go to yoga until I can touch my toes, I can’t take my clothes off in front of anyone until I get rid of my stretchmarks ”…yep, aren’t we harsh on ourselves?!

Seeing yourself as the main character means not waiting until we’ve achieved the unachievable to do the things that excite us and that we’re longing to try. 

Number Three

It shows what we stand for.

Still here? Awesome! It’s a long email!

So, you’re probably already down with celebrating bodies of all different shapes and sizes, and telling those around you that they don’t need to change themselves to deserve respect and love.

The art we display in our home can reflect and reinforce these values, and maybe people who live with you and visit you will feel a little bit safer and a little bit better about themselves in your home.Number FourIt’s an act of rebellion

Being unafraid to celebrate bodies that we’ve been told to hide away or change is an act for rebellion. 

Surrounding ourselves with body diverse art is a subtle form of activism against systems and media that tell us we need look a certain way, have a certain level of physical health, or be a certain size to ‘fit in’ to society. I have a lot to say on this but that would fill an email in itself!

Art can be powerful and is almost always political.

Number Five

It’s self-care 

Art has played a huge role in my own body acceptance journey. But body acceptance isn’t a destination, it’s a practice. Having tool belt of things to help in the bad days is so valuable! For me, these tools include books on body acceptance and fat activism, affirmation cards, oracle cards, the art I make and the art in my home.(Yes I buy art from other artists like me!)

If you can look at a painting that looks like you and find the body in it beautiful, you might be one step closer to being kinder to yourself.

Isn’t that a magical thing?
Thank you for being here with me! 


 ( P.S. My commissions are open for 2024 – why not drop me a message to chat about your ideas! )