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How generosity and kindness sent my Acupuncture Art to the USA

A photograph of a man holding a piece of Charlotte's artwork which is a pencil sketch of a woman receiving acupuncture

Sometimes a stranger will get in touch and make you smile with their generosity. Travis Spire-Sweet produces YinYang Podcast, a podcast for acupuncturists, he got in touch when he saw my Acupuncture  blog post and illustration a few months back and featured my work! I was amazed that a professional acupuncturist would like my little acupuncture pin up, plus Travis is hundreds of miles away from me in Missouri, so it just goes to show how the internet can build infinite bridges between people!

In my eyes she was just a funny little doodle, in fact I wasn’t even sure where I had filed her away in my studio but Travis kept in touch and was keen to get hold of a printed version of her for his studio. A few weeks later I stumbled upon the original artwork and I knew that she belonged in Missouri!  Shortly after, I received this photo from Travis and a lovely mention on the YinYang Podcast Facebook page. This little pencil lady has been on a long journey over the Atlantic and I’m so pleased that she now has a brand new home. I love the USA and I know she does too!

x Charlotte

( Photograph from YinYang Podcast)

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