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Zine Features March 2024

I’m extremely honoured to have my work featured in multiple Zines this month.

Left Lion Cover Artist March 2024

Left Lion March 2024 issue, an illustration by Charlotte Thomson-Morley in shades of green, It depicts Maid Marian in a forest with her bow and a young deer. Her dress is made up for leaves and spring woodland animals. She is in the form of a Spring Goddess.

As you may know, I live in Nottingham, what you may not know is that we have an absolutely amazing independent culture and arts magazine which is released monthly into the county for free. A cover spot for Left Lion is a prestigious space to occupy as a local artist and I’m thrilled to have been able to contribute this Maid Marian as a Spring Goddess piece for their International Women’s Day themed March issue.

Monstrous Flesh Journal – Issue 1 ‘Hideous Thing Inside’.

A screen shot of Monstrous Flesh Journal showing a graphical illustration of the films lead character and the creature they discover when ploughing, it is shown alongside the written article about the film.

Monstrous Flesh are a collective who explore feminist concepts in relation to the Horror film genre. I’m really honoured to have this Blood on Satans Claw illustration included in their first ever Journal.

From their website: “A collection of articles and artwork inspired by the film season HIDEOUS THING INSIDE (July-August 2023), curated in collaboration with The Screen at Nottingham Contemporary.”

Myth & Lore Zine – Issue 8 Flora, Fauna & Fresh Beginnings.

An image showing the cover of Myth & Lore Zine, a black and white folk art inspired design, alongside the Imbolc inspired illustration by Charlotte Thomson-Morley of a pregnant Goddess beneath the earth encircled by a white snake.

Myth and Lore is an artist led Folklore Zine project, sold around the country, their passion is that folklore is for everyone and they truly live by this, travelling far and wide promoting their gorgeous Zine and their own artwork. Each issue is so thick and packed full of independent artists, articles and poetry, that it’s bound like a book! This issue is Flora, Fauna & Fresh Beginnings and is the second time my work has featured in their pages. If you’re looking for a unique gift for a folklore lover, look no further.