Illustration client case study – art for the Yoni Oracle’s Womb Awakening Workshops

The 4 Seasonal Goddess Wombs created for The Yoni Oracle – Copyright of the

Georgie of the Yoni Oracle came to me with a wonderful concept for illustrations for her Womb Awakening Workshops. Four illustrations of wombs, each one inspired by a different season and representing a different Goddess.

I was honestly thrilled to take on a project with such deep symbolism. It was also a project close to my heart as it allowed me to connect with other people who have had health issues surrounding their womb.

A huge amount of research went into each design, with every element; from colour to the individual flowers and symbols used having deep meaning. It was a true joy to create them and supporting materials for her workshop which included colouring pages for students to complete during the course.

Spring Womb – Blodeuwedd the Welsh Goddess of Flowers and springtime.

This illustration features each sacred flower of Blodeuwedd and the owl which is sacred to her.

Summer Womb – Mary Magdalene

Autumn Womb – Morgan La Fey

Winter Womb – Cerwidden

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You can check out my art in action on the Yoni Oracle website and through her amazing courses.

The womb artwork is available to buy as a set of altar cards, complete with beautifully written symbolism and instructions for use, direct from the Yoni Oracle Shop

The Yoni Oracle is also on Instagram

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