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I finally saw myself and ideas started to grow (free writing)

Ideas like:

Am I worthy of being seen?

Do I need to hide myself?

Am I worthy of being seen as beautiful or idolised?

Perhaps I’m worthy of respect?

Perhaps it’s society and the media who have it wrong?

Perhaps bodies are all different and there is far more variety than we’re led to believe…

Perhaps I’m not defined by how my body shows up in the world.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have to present myself a certain way to be accepted and respected.

Perhaps I can just choose not to engage with media and messages that hurt me

Perhaps I can reject the messages that I have heard from others.

Perhaps my self-hatred and need to change only exists to benefit others.

Perhaps I can find some peace, like this, how I am right now….

Perhaps I’m not the one who is ‘wrong’?

Seeing your body represented in art can be a powerful message and a powerful tool to find personal self acceptance within systems of oppression.

It can be a gateway to seeing your own body in a more positive light and help with internal negative thought patterns.

Surrounding yourself with positive representations of bodies like your own has power.