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Charlotte Thomson – Morley Fine Art Painter & Printmaker

Charlotte Thomson-Morley is a UK based illustrative fine artist. She specialises in figurative art depicting fat bodies, exploring the intersection of fat politics, feminism, archaeology and our connection with the land and nature. She draws inspiration from folklore, mythology and archaeological finds.

Charlotte is passionate about storytelling through art and brings her experience as a commercial illustrator to her fine art pieces. Her work contains nods to art nouveau, psychedelia, pulp horror, paganism and mysticism. Exploring female archetypes, the concept of the ‘Divine Feminine’ in both historical and modern context and how spirituality influences our relationship with our bodies and the natural world.

Charlotte lives and creates in a former mining village, next to a woodland in Nottinghamshire, with her husband, son, two cats and more books than she can count.

A head-shot of Charlotte Thomson-Morley Artist and Illustrator

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