About Me

Can't beat a good cuppa! Charlotte Thomson- Morley by Natalie J Watts Photography


Who I am

I am Charlotte Thomson-Morley, a UK based Illustrator, passionate about self expression in art and life and the healing power of creativity and colour!

Having always been drawn to depicting the female form I set up my illustration business in 2005 and became well known for my feminine and voluptuous pin up women.  My pin up portrait work quickly became a firm favourite among UK Burlesque performers and promoters and within the vintage and alternative Bridal and lingerie industry.

In recent years health issues have led me on a new path to rediscover my love of alternative therapies, meditation, yoga and a more holistic and healing approach to art and life. My paintings of curvaceous women now carry an even more conscious message of self acceptance and body positivity and I now work as a Community Partner with the Yoga Body Image Coalition, promoting yoga for everybody.



My never-ending work in progress is to create a more eco-friendly art practice. I currently create my artwork using products from UK companies with a pro-active approach to sustainability. My art prints and greeting cards are created in small batches by small local companies and are printed onto recycled card, backed with recycled grey-board and packaged in biodegradable plastic sleeves. There is still work to be done and I am always interested to hear from ethical suppliers!

My life at Serif

 In 2011 I joined the CraftArtist Illustration team at Serif which I now head up as their Illustration Team Leader/Senior Illustrator, occasionally moonlighting as a guest presenter on the Create&Craft shopping channel. You can find all of my (and my team Siobhan, Becks and Lauren’s) Digital Craft kits at Daisytrail.com.



A few little things about me…

  • I mostly create artwork in watercolours, gouache, pencil and Indian ink.
  • My favourite subject matters are people and faces, in particular capturing the unique spirit of a person.
  • My past clients incude: Wonderbra, BBC, Tesco, The Blogcademy, Scarlet Magazine, Love My Dress, What Katie Did Lingerie and Eternal Spirits Corsetry, Game City…and many more!
  • I have had work published in Gala Darling’s Book ‘Radical Self Love’ and the Die Gestalten book of Erotic Art ‘All Allure’.
  • I have exhibited art in New York City, Chicago, New Jersey, Glastonbury, Nottingham and London.
  • I love teaching and have lectured at Nottingham Trent University and Central College (my old art college) teaching students anything from professional practice to fashion illustration and life drawing.
  • I co-founded the Nottingham branch of Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School,  the burlesque life drawing class with my wonderful friend and burlesque artiste Scarlett Daggers.
  • I was the original illustrator for Love My Dress blog and have had art featured on Rock n Roll Bride.
  • I spent over a year as a part time Gallery Coordinator organising and curating exhibitions and events in Nottingham city centre.
  • I spent 4 years co-organising Danse Macabre & Pit of Curiosities art events which were featured in Bizarre Magazine.


What makes me tick…

  • Yoga
  • Star Trek
  • Tattoos
  • Charity shops
  • Auction rooms
  • Afternoon tea
  • Cooking with friends
  • Stories by Edgar Allan Poe, Daphne Du Maurier, Neil Gaiman & Roald Dahl
  • Illustrations by Quentin Blake, Shirley Hughes, Mike Mignola, Berni Wrightson & Bruce Timm
  • Art by Frida Kahlo & Joseph Cornell
  • Snowglobes from around the world
  • Walks in the woods
  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Peanut Butter
  • Frogs
  • My lovely husband Dave and our 18 year old cat Dylan


Photos of my by my beautiful friend Natalie J Weddings