Inspired by the words – evocative song lyrics

Inspired by the words – evocative song lyrics


The moon over Arches National Park – the kind of landscape that might inspire you to dance barefoot…

Inspiration strikes at the strangest times, a song you’ve heard a thousand times can suddenly take on new meaning and form new imagery in your head which just cries out to become a painting!

I always find music a great place for inspiration, I’m always inspired by characters and there are so many fantastic characters that are painted with music and words.  There are the more obvious ones like the femme fatales of songs like Dollys Parton’s ‘Jolene’ or Elivis’ ‘Marie’ in His Latest Flame, but there are more fleeting ones too.

My latest inspiration came from one of my favourite Creedence Clearwater Revival songs ‘Green River’, a song we turned up very loud during our US road trip in 2012 whilst driving along the river itself (it is pretty green by the way!) Listening to it transports me back to that day, which is rather lovely on a miserable, grey drizzly Nottingham commute.


The wide open road in the USA, this is what I dream of on a grey day driving to work in the East Midlands!

The inspiration struck from a single line in the song, one that hadn’t really registered in my mind before:-

“barefoot girl, dancing in the moonlight”

What a wonderfully evocative image! Sketchbook and pencils at the ready!

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