Can colour and creativity help you heal?


For many years I’ve been interested in alternative therapies and ‘hippy dippy – smells and bells’ stuff as we call it affectionately in my household. In the past couple of months I’ve been revisiting a lot of these things, I’ve started to attend a group every Tuesday night that gives a taster of everything from crystal healing and meditation to aura reading. The leader of the group is a crystal healer and is very passionate about using the power of colour for self healing.

I started doing a little bit of reading about colour therapy, for obvious reasons it appeals to my artistic nature! Some of the articles I read were very quick to dismiss it as mumbo jumbo (sorry I just love that term!) but how can we be so dismissive? Art therapy is a practical and effective practice that is used in schools, prisons etc. Its not something I have practiced or know a great deal about so excuse the naivat√© of my musings, I’m coming at this from a more spiritualist angle.



We know colour affects our moods, we choose the colour of our home decor accordingly.¬† It’s a matter of personal taste to some extent but research has shown that a room painted yellow disturbs sleep patterns as it’s such a vibrant, energising colour. In the ‘hippy dippy’ school of thought yellow is the colour of the solar plexus chakra which can be the root of a lot of emotions, if we’re feeling depressed and sluggish a big dose of yellow (sunshine, crystals, food, flowers, clothes, paint?!) can be the pick me up we need.

Even as a child we have simple colour associations – red is angry, yellow is happy, blue is sad, green is jealous etc. We’re brought up to give colour a meaning and attach emotional weight to it.

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Inspired by my travels to … Sorrento



I’ve always been very inspired by travel and exploring different cultures and the imagery and mood of a country. In early May we visited Italy for the first time, the occasion was my Dads 60th birthday so we visited Sorrento, with the intention of fulfilling his (and one of my) lifelong dreams of visiting the archeological sites at Pompeii and Herculaneum. The art and crafts of the Roman era is fascinating, so much beauty, sophistication and advanced skill in fresco painting, sculpture, glassmaking and mosaic. My favourite site was Herculaneum where so much of the history is so well preserved and you can truly immerse yourself in your environment.

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Thoughts on ethical Art & Crafting


For some time now I’ve been researching into ways of making my art and craft practice more ethical. There are obvious things such as using sustainably sourced paper/card etc and paints which have been produced with a minimum of chemicals and where the companies take their responsibility to the environment seriously.

The big dilemma for me so far as an artist is when you’re forced to choose between the results you want for the look of your work and your ethical stance.

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