I’m taking a short break!


We welcomed our baby boy into the world on March 29th 2016 so I’ll be taking a little maternity break!
Thanks to everyone who has supported us in our journey to become parents.

My next art event will be the Robin Hood Tattoo Festival on the 20th and 21st of August 2016 and I will be lecturing at Central College as usual.

Thank you!
x Charlotte


Photos with thanks to Natalie J Weddings Photography

A Painted Witch and a Happy Hallowe’en


Hallowe’en, or Samhain to my beautiful witchy friends, has always been my favourite time of year. Even when it wasn’t a big event in England my Mum would always throw a party for me and my friends with gross food and spooky party games. We continue this tradition by decorating our front garden for all the Trick or Treaters and I always try to find time to do a piece of spooky art once a year!

Charlotte Thomson Morley Witch Sketch


So here is my curvaceous witch, out of an evening flight! Above is part of the original sketch I drew up and below is the finished painting in pen and ink and watercolour. I hope you like her! CharlotteThomsonArt-Halloween-Witch


Have a wonderful, spooky and fun Hallowe’en whatever you do!
x Charlotte

Vintage Fair in West Bridgford, Nottingham next Saturday Oct 8th



Join me at my little Vintage Fair stall crammed full of pin up art, gifts and of course, my fabulous pin up christmas cards! It’s just £1 entry, in the heart of West Bridgford.

Vintage Darling Events
October 8th 2015
11am – 3:30pm

Lutterell Hall
Church Dr,
West Bridgford,

A small selection of my christmas card designs

A small selection of my christmas card designs

Their last event was packed with top quality retro and vintage vendors, including my wonderful parents Menswear stall. There was also really good cake….need I say more!?!

Hope to see you there!

x Charlotte


Steampunks in Space 28th – 29th November 2015 in Leicester – Free Art Workshops!

Get your corsets tightened and your goggles polished for the second annual Steampunks in Space at Leicester Space Centre this November! I’ll be there as one half of the Curiouser Art Collective with  my good friend and fabulous artist Lauren C Waterworth.

In addition to selling beautiful Victorian inspired art prints and gifts we’ll also be running art demos and 3 FREE Creative Arts & Crafts Workshops each day, details of which can be found above! No need to book the workshops, just get your events tickets and drop in to say hi! All materials provided.

Hope to see some familiar faces!

Charlotte x

5 Reasons to have more colour in your life!



I’ve spent my whole life working with colour without ever truly appreciating it’s power until recently.  When circumstances force you to start taking positive steps in your life  you learn so much about things you have taken for granted. When times have been hard both emotionally and physically your creativity can take a backseat, or be completely suffocated. Re-discovering your creativity and the fundamental joy you have always found in it can be a revelation! This is why I’ve found colour so important in the last few months.

Working with colour through meditation, looking at chakra colours and stepping on my yoga mat again inspired me to get more colour into my life and into my art work, it has helped motivate me and inspire me to enjoy the basic creative process again and create from the heart. The result is the collection of yoga positive affirmation cards shown in this blog post. I hope they inspire you like they inspired me!

1. Colour triggers memories.  A beautiful sunset you once enjoyed? Bright colours of childhood toys? Your favourite flowers?  Keep reminding yourself of these positive associations with colour!

2. Colour can lift your mood – vibrant colours are energising,   Use oranges, vivid yellows, reds and bright pinks to liven up  a dreary day! 

3. Colour can ground you and give you strength –  a dash of red lippy and I’m ready for anything!

4. Colour can calm you. I find using colour visualisation in meditation helps me  focus and create inner space and calm. Visualise the gentler vibrations of lush greens, pale blues, twinkly pale pink and violet to give you some peace.

5. Colour helps your creativity flow.  Working with the colours you love, just splashing your paints about and loving the colours that you see is a great exercise for art block. Seeing colours together, how the blend and flow always helps me come up with new ideas.

I hope those 5 little things give you a creative boost today! Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs about colour in the coming months, it’s my new favourite subject!

x Charlotte

CharlotteThomsonArt-5-Card-Yoga-Set-Pic2-shop CharlotteThomsonArt-YogaRed


 My Yoga Affirmation cards are available to buy on my Etsy Shop!