A Painted Witch and a Happy Hallowe’en

A Painted Witch and a Happy Hallowe’en


Hallowe’en, or Samhain to my beautiful witchy friends, has always been my favourite time of year. Even when it wasn’t a big event in England my Mum would always throw a party for me and my friends with gross food and spooky party games. We continue this tradition by decorating our front garden for all the Trick or Treaters and I always try to find time to do a piece of spooky art once a year!

Charlotte Thomson Morley Witch Sketch


So here is my curvaceous witch, out of an evening flight! Above is part of the original sketch I drew up and below is the finished painting in pen and ink and watercolour. I hope you like her! CharlotteThomsonArt-Halloween-Witch


Have a wonderful, spooky and fun Hallowe’en whatever you do!
x Charlotte

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